How do I change which directory my link pages are generated within, or the filenames of the link pages?

By default, the Location of Link Pages on the Site Settings page is set to:


This causes LinkMachine to generate its link pages in this directory:

You can change the Location of Link Pages to have LinkMachine generate the pages in a different directory on your site. For example, to generate the link pages within this directory:

...change the Location of Link Pages to:


Or, to generate your link pages in your site's home (root) directory:

...change the Location of Link Pages to:


Make sure to turn on the write permissions for whichever directory on your site that you have LinkMachine generate your link pages within. That way, LinkMachine will be able to create the link page files within that directory.

You can change the filename of your site's main link page by changing the Filename of Main Link Page under Site Settings. By default the filenames of any other link pages generated for individual categories are based on this main link page filename. To specify the exact link page filename for a particular category, go to the Link Categories settings page, select a category, change that category's Category Link Page Filename and click Update Filename.