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Please select one of the support options below, and then click Continue.

Look up an error message
If you've received an error message while installing or using LinkMachine, select this option to find a solution for that error.
Contact a support representative ($5)
If your issue is not addressed in the LinkMachine Knowledgebase or by any of the other support options listed here, you're welcome to contact a technical support representative. Note that there is a $5 service charge per support request, payable via PayPal or MoneyBookers.
Retrieve your LinkMachine account password
If you've lost the password for your LinkMachine account, select this option to retrieve it.
Retrieve LinkMachine data file
If you are a LinkMachine Premium user and you've lost the linkmachine.dat file that contains the link data for your LinkMachine installation, we may be able to provide you with a recent backup copy.
Request refund for upgrade purchase
Every LinkMachine upgrade purchase comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. If LinkMachine does not meet your needs for any reason, you are welcome to request a refund for your upgrade purchase.

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