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Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker can graph the progress of many important stats related to your site, including its search result rank for any query in a number of different search engines, its Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, number of incoming links, and Google allinanchor, allintitle, and allintext ranks for any search query.

To open the Rank Tracker, select it from the Go To... menu at the top of the screen.

The main Rank Tracker page before adding ranks.

The first time you open the Rank Tracker, before adding any ranks, you will see only the options to add a new rank and to update all ranks. Click on Add New Rank to Tracker to go to the Add Rank page.

The Add Rank page.

To add a new rank for the Rank Tracker to track, enter the URL of the page that you want to track a rank for. This can be your site's home page or any other page on your site (or any other site for that matter). Then choose the type of rank to track, and (if applicable for that type) the search engine to track it with. Finally, if you've chosen a rank type that requires a search query, enter the query under Enter the Search Query just as it would be entered in a search engine.

The Rank Tracker displaying several ranks.

After entering a new rank, the Rank Tracker will determine the current value for that rank and return you to the main page, where the rank's graph will now be shown. The graph for each rank shows a bar for each value of the rank (each time the rank's value was checked), along with the information about the rank and how much it has changed over the past week and over the past month (if it's been tracked that long). Hold the mouse pointer above any bar in a graph to see the bar's exact value and the date that the bar represents. If no value was found for a given date, a blank gray bar will be displayed in its place.

To remove a rank from the tracker, click on the rank's Remove link. To update just one rank, click on its Update link. To update all of the ranks you are tracking, click on the Update All Ranks link at the top of the page.

You can also set up LinkMachine's automation options to update all of your ranks at regular intervals, automatically. To do this, select Settings from the Go To... menu, and choose Automation Settings. Check the box labeled Automatically Update Rank Tracker and choose a value for the Number of Days Between Rank Tracker Updates. Note that for LinkMachine's automation options to be enabled, the automation script must be called on a regular basis. Information about this is given at the top of the Automation Settings page.

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