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The SEO Wizard is a powerful tool that can produce complete step-by-step instructions for improving your site's search ranking. It's practically the equivalent of hiring your own SEO expert.

SEO Wizard does this by looking at your top ranking competitors' sites. It examines both the on-page factors (the contents of the pages themselves) and the off-page factors (the number, PageRank and anchor text of incoming links). It then compares the results for your top ranking competitors' sites to the results for your own site, and breaks down exactly what you need to do to match their success.

No approach to search engine optimization is infallible, and search engine algorithms can change at any time. But SEO Wizard produces successful results by applying a scientific method - it looks at exactly what already does work for your successful competitors, rather than using abstract rules that someone thinks should work, which is exactly what a lot of other SEO software out there does.

To open the SEO Wizard, select it from the Go To... menu at the top of the screen.

If you've already started any SEO Wizard projects, you will be presented with the options to start a new project or to open an existing project. If you have not yet started any projects, you will be brought immediately to the New Project page.

The SEO Wizard's New Project Page.

To create a new SEO Wizard project, enter the URL of the web page that you would like to optimize, and the keyword or set of keywords that you want this page to rank well for in search results. Then choose which search engine you would like to optimize your page for. You may want to compare the results for a few of the top search engines. Finally, select your target search results rank - Top 30, Top 20, Top 10, or Number 1. You may find it more practical to start with the less ambitious goal of getting into the top 30, and work your way up from there over time.

Note that in the free trial version of SEO Wizard, the only search engine option available is AllTheWeb, and the only available target position is Top 30. To activate all of the options, upgrade to LinkMachine's SEO package by selecting Upgrade from the Go To... menu.

After filling in all of the project's information, click on Start SEO Wizard. SEO Wizard will then begin churning away, examining potentially tens of thousands of different web sites as it researches the ingredients for success used by the competing sites that have already obtained the search ranks that you want. Depending on the popularity of the keywords you are looking to rank well for, this process can take up to several hours. Imagine doing all of this research yourself - it could take months to put together the same information.

If for some reason SEO Wizard is interrupted while working on a project (for instance if your web browser is closed), you can return to the project and continue where it left off by choosing Open an Existing Project from SEO Wizard's main page, and clicking on the Open link for the project you would like to continue. You can also use the Open Project page to view the results of a project that has already been completed, or to remove an old project from the list.

SEO Wizard's Open Project Page.

When a new project has finished being researched, or when an existing project is opened, the SEO Wizard displays its results page for the project. At the top of this page is the information about this project: the URL of the page it is intended to optimize, the search query being optimized for, and the target search engine and results position for the project. If the project is more than one day old, there will also be a link here to refresh the project, re-starting its research from scratch.

Top of SEO Wizard's Results Page.

Below this is the first section of results for the project, dealing with the PageRanks of incoming links. For each PageRank value, the number of incoming links to your site is shown - along with the high, average, and low values for the number of incoming links to each of the sites that have succeeded in achieving the search engine placement you're after. Below this is a list of recommended actions to take - in this case, how many new incoming links you'll need to attain from pages with each PageRank value. A link is provided to a list of sites that link to your competitors from pages with each PageRank value; from there you can easily add these sites to your own Site List, so as to send out link exchange invitations. Many of the sites that are interested in linking to your competition may also be interested in linking to your site as well.

SEO Wizard's Anchor Text Report.

Next is SEO Wizard's report on the anchor text of incoming links. This section compares the anchor text of links to your page with that of links to your successful competition's pages. This section is very important; most search engines use the anchor text of incoming links as a major factor in determining how well a site will rank for a particular search query. At the bottom of this section, recommendations are given for what words should appear more or less frequently in links to your site. You can use LinkMachine's Alternate Profiles feature to vary the anchor text of incoming links to your page, and control how often each word is used.

The following several sections deal with on-page factors, such as page title, image alt text, meta tags, etc. The recommended actions in these sections can be undertaken right away, since they entail changes to your own page rather than building up new links. However, keep in mind that the most important factors tend to be the off-page factors.

At the bottom of the results page are links to the Link Analyzer results for each of the sites that SEO Wizard has analyzed for this project. These can be useful to give you a detailed look at the types of sites that are linking to your successful competitors, the number and PageRanks of their incoming links, and the anchor text of those links.

SEO Wizard gives you detailed instructions for improving your site's search rank by looking at what already works well for other sites. While no approach to SEO is perfect, SEO Wizard should help remove much of the uncertainty from the process of climbing the ladder of search engine ranks.

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