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Step 7: Checking Links

You now know all the basics about setting up link exchanges with LinkMachine. The final step is to check occasionally to make sure that the sites that exchanged links with your site continue to link back to your site. Normally this would be a time consuming process, but LinkMachine does all the work for you.

When a webmaster submits their website for a link exchange, one of the pieces of information they're asked for is the URL of their web page that contains the reciprocal link back to your site. This is the URL where LinkMachine will look to check that the site continues to link back to your site.

To check all of the sites you've exchanged links with for their reciprocal links back to your site, press the Check All Sites For Reciprocal Links button in the control panel. The check may take several minutes if you've got a lot of sites in your site list. When finished, LinkMachine will tell you how many reciprocal links it found newly missing, and how many were missing previously but have now been restored.

The next step is to contact the webmasters of these sites with missing reciprocal links, to let them know that you don't find the link. To view only the sites in your site list that are missing reciprocal links back to your site and have not yet been contacted about it, select Status: Link-back missing from the Show menu in the control panel. You may wish to use the Order menu to list the sites in your site list by order of date modified, to see at the top of the list all of the sites that were most recently found to be missing a reciprocal link.

A site with the status Link-back missing.

The entry for each site with the status Link-back missing includes a link labeled Send notice. Click this link to send an e-mail notifying the webmaster of that site that their reciprocal link to your site is missing. Just as when you sent your link exchange request e-mails, you'll be shown the address, subject line, and body text of your e-mail before it's sent. Here you can make any final changes to your e-mail before you send it out. The e-mail's text is based on the Link-Back Missing Notice E-mail template that you can change on the Settings page if you'd like.

Send a notice to each site that is missing its reciprocal link back to your site. If there are any sites that you choose to link to even though they don't link back to your site, set their status to One way link.

Once you've sent out notices to the webmasters of these sites, allow them a week or so to respond. Then have LinkMachine check for new reciprocal links by pressing the Check All Sites For Reciprocal Links button again. Some of the sites that had no reciprocal link earlier may have replaced their reciprocal link to your site. Others may still not link back to your site. You may decide to send these sites a reminder e-mail, or to remove their links from your link pages.

Note that using LinkMachine's automation features, the process of checking your reciprocal links, e-mailing notices and removing sites when reciprocal links are found missing, can be fully automated. The options for automating this are found under Change Settings >> Automation Settings. For more information, see the section on Advanced Options.

You now know everything you need to know to create and maintain an effective reciprocal link exchange program, using LinkMachine! We hope you find LinkMachine to be a powerful tool to help you build the popularity of your website. To delve deeper into some of LinkMachine's most useful features, you can read about its SEO Features and its Advanced Options. And for more information, you may want to take a look at the LinkMachine FAQ and Tips.

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